Conference notes:

When I go to conferences I like to take notes and publish them straight away:

CyberUK 2017

The response to an attack on BPAS

Plenaries - Day 1

Does Agile make security stronger or weaker? (Panel)

Agile Revisited - Dan North

Demos on NCSC tooling

Plenaries - Day 2

Attack Trees Workshop

NCSC + Nominet on DNS - "Active Cyber Defence"

Plenaries - Day 3

How to Build Security into An Agile Team

Bath Ruby 2016

Bath Ruby 1: Xavier Riley - Rocking out in Ruby, a playful introduction to Sonic Pi

Bath Ruby 2 - Coraline Ada Ehmke: How Neo4j saved my relationship

Bath Ruby 3 - Courteney Ervin - Open Source For Your Benefit

Bath Ruby 4 - Janet Crawford - The Surprising Neuroscience of Gender Inequality

WordCamp London 2015

WordCamp London - Bruce Lawson - Responsive Images

Mark Jaquith at WordCamp London - Cache Money Business

Tim Nash at WordCamp London - Beyond Unit Tests

Bath Ruby 2015

Bath Ruby: Linda Liukas - principles of play

Ben Orenstein: live coding in the Bath at BathRuby

Saron Yitbarek - Learning Code good (at BathRuby)

Live-coding music at BathRuby

Katrina Owen at BathRuby: Here be Dragons

Tom Stuart - 'A lever for the mind' at BathRuby

Sandi Metz: Nothing is Something - at BathRuby

WordCamp Europe 2014

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.1: Beyond the code

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.2: Why sometimes happiness requires effort: depression in IT

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.3: Styling the WordPress admin

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.4: How come every time...

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.5: Postmodern Wordpress

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.7: Interactive prototyping

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.8: Usability Testing

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 2.3: The Next Generation Hosting Stack

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 2.4: Code Deodorant

WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 2.5: Matt Mullenweg Q&A