Katrina Owen at BathRuby: Here be Dragons

I’m at Bath Ruby 2015, live blogging some of the talks

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Photo by @Naomi_Freeman

  • Some bugs are admirable. Squashing them makes you feel victorious
  • Squashing the bug isn’t enough: if you don’t clear up the root issues, it will just cause you future pain - cleaning up the mess.
  • Fundamental attribution error: assume that bad code means a bad person/unskilled developer (other people), or assume that they were having a bad day (our friends)
  • Prisoner’s dilemna as a metaphor for the choice of whether to follow good practices
    • The rational choice is to always ‘defect’ - but everyone loses.
    • The way to maximise the overall result for people is for everyone to cooperate (add tests, improve error handling, extract responsibilities)
    • only works if everyone is on board: one person ‘defecting’ will mess it up for everyone
  • Every commit we make tips the balance in one direction or the other: towards entropy or order