WordCamp Europe 2014 notes - 1.1: Beyond the code

I’m at WordCamp Europe in Sofia - taking rough notes on some of the talks

Noel Tock: Beyond the code

http://2014.europe.wordcamp.org/session/noel-tock/ 9:30

sketchnotes by @studionetting

Awesome sketchnotes by @studionetting

  • Getting stuck in cycles of task completion - head down - “daily execution”.
  • This time next year wp will be 1/5 of the internet.
  • Freelancers, professionals - will be unable to keep up with the rate of demand
  • Most WP shops: 1-2 years - achieve saturation: then it’s head down - spending time in github, hipchat etc.
  • Coming out of a conference inspired, but 2 days later, back in the grind
  • Write down the things you’re interested in: Taking an inventory
  • What’s important for your self development?
  • Point at which you see an article isn’t often the point at which you’re able to read it - soln: instapaper etc.
  • Task consolodation. Trello board columns:
    • future: Interested but not ready to commit time
    • Am prepared to invest time
    • Working on now
    • This week - stuff that’s been done
  • ‘Epics’ - Executing on one significant big-picture thing a day

  • Rescuetime - tracks time on computer: categorises activities e.g. code, reading
    • Assign a productivity value to different kinds of activity
    • Redefine this in order to gameify optimising the headline productivity value
  • Summary: being reactive vs actively pursuing opportunities and ideas