Saron Yitbarek - Learning Code good (at BathRuby)

I’m at Bath Ruby 2015, live blogging some of the talks photo by

Photo by @Naomi_Freeman

  • Dreyfus model of skill acquisition - LOOK UP
  • Advice she got for going from novice to expert: “Read code”
  • Codeclub: sunday morning reading group
  • Rules for what to read: Exemplary code: popular, documented, well maintained
  • Starting point: Sinatra’s get method
  • “A huge fan of remote working: Any excuse to not wear pants is great” :)
  • Met on google hangouts
  • Did a retrospective on the sessions:
    • Decided to pick only small things: < 100 lines of code: gives space to ask questions, reasearch etc.
  • Understanding: it’s not really about reading the code: it’s about the convesations it starts.
  • Keeping it small - 5 consistent people - helps to keep it engaged
  • Important to have a ‘tour guide’ making sure everyone is engaged and contributing (?)
  • Asking the question of crappy methods “how would we have written it?” is really interesting.
    • Therefore it’s not necessary for the code to be exemplary: lots of benefit in reading shonky code
  • Drawing out knowledge gaps: the things you think you understand but actually have no idea about
  • Reading something you actually need to use is a totally different experience: you’re much more invested in it
  • Look at organisation of the code, not just the detail (how code is organised into files, what they’re called etc)
  • Learning on your own is possible but really tiring.
  • Learning in a bootcamp is very expensive and time-consuming
  • Solution: codenewbie - connecting new developers with each other
  • “The learning happens in the digressions”
  • Knowledge = connecting the ‘dots’ of information