Octopress: A Eulogy

I recently removed all Octopress dependencies in this blog in favour of native features of the underlying Jekyll static site generator.

Gotcha: Jekyll post generated with wrong date

It is said that most of the hard problems of computer science have been solved, but two remain: cache invalidation, naming, and off-by-one errors.

"Somebody is upside down!": building a bingo app in React

TL;DR: I built a small React app which is a bingo card with Wordle-style shareable emoji grids. You can find it here, or view the source code.

How to Recover From Rails Database Schema Conflicts When Rebasing

This is something which comes up every so often when working on Rails projects with a branching git workflow.

Checking Out Branches From Tig

I use tig for my git tree browser. My normal usage is to look at the the commit tree (normally viewing all branches with tig --all) but it’s a powerful tool with a lot of features, some of which I’m starting to integrate into my daily work.

Migrating From Octopress 2 to 3

I’ve just migrated this blog from Octopress 2 to 3 and since there doesn’t seem to be a definitive migration guide yet (and inspired by a similar post by @samwize) I wanted to share what I did.

Some tools for faster blogging in Octopress

I’ve been to a number of conferences and talks recently and I’ve developed a habit of live-blogging my notes: getting them up online as quickly as possible.

Execute ruby code inline in the editor

I’ve often wondered how in Ruby screencasts they magically execute code inline in the editor, e.g. they type:

Unboxed Event notes: "Unstick your digital products"

I’m at a speaker session from Unboxed consulting

Setting up a Ruby dev environment on Bowery.io

EDIT: Apparently it’s not possible to run docker inside a Bowery instance because Bowery uses docker and docker has a hard time running inside a docker container - see this post on the forum