Migrating From Octopress 2 to 3

I’ve just migrated this blog from Octopress 2 to 3 and since there doesn’t seem to be a definitive migration guide yet (and inspired by a similar post by @samwize) I wanted to share what I did.

This was done with Octopress 3.0.11 and Jekyll 3.0.2. You can see the actual commits on github.

The approach is to create a new Octopress 3 blog from scratch, import the exising content, and configure a few things to make that existing content work.

Set up a new blog

First I need to make sure I have the latest version of Octopress available on my machine:

$ gem update octopress

Now I can make a new blog:

$ octopress new blog
New jekyll site installed in /Users/dxwduncan/dev/Personal/blog.
Added Octopress scaffold:
 + _templates/
 +   draft
 +   page
 +   post

Looking at what that’s given us, some of the directories are familiar from the source directory of Octopress 2 sites (e.g. _posts):

├── _config.yml
├── _includes
│   ├── footer.html
│   ├── head.html
│   ├── header.html
│   ├── icon-github.html
│   ├── icon-github.svg
│   ├── icon-twitter.html
│   └── icon-twitter.svg
├── _layouts
│   ├── default.html
│   ├── page.html
│   └── post.html
├── _posts
│   └── 2016-01-21-welcome-to-jekyll.markdown
├── _sass
│   ├── _base.scss
│   ├── _layout.scss
│   └── _syntax-highlighting.scss
├── _templates
│   ├── draft
│   ├── page
│   └── post
├── about.md
├── css
│   └── main.scss
├── feed.xml
└── index.html

I can now preview the site:

$ cd blog
$ jekyll serve

Here’s what we get:

"Jekyll new"

Configuring gems

Now I want to add a Gemfile (bundle init) to manage the versions of Jekyll and Octopress:

# Gemfile
source "https://rubygems.org"

gem 'jekyll', '~> 3.0.2'

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'octopress', '~> 3.0.11'

Now I can start copying over my content. I only have posts and a couple of associated images:

$ cp -r ../blog_old/source/_posts ./_posts
$ mkdir images
$ cp -r ../blog_old/source/images/content ./images/content

N.B. the new blog structure doesn’t have an images directory by default

Now trying to run jekyll serve I get an error:

Liquid Exception: Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'codeblock' in /Users/dxwduncan/dev/Personal/blog/_posts/2014-02-07-getting-to-grips-with-postgres.markdown
jekyll 3.0.2 | Error:  Liquid syntax error: Unknown tag 'codeblock'

This is because I’m using the codeblock octopress plugin. There are a couple of different ways of adding plugins to jekyll but the one which makes most sense to me is to put them in the Gemfile.

Here’s the plugins part of my gemfile after adding the required plugins:

# Gemfile

group :jekyll_plugins do
  gem 'octopress', '~> 3.0.11'
  gem 'octopress-codeblock', '~> 1.0'
  gem 'octopress-image-tag', '~> 1.1'

Install them with bundle install

Codeblock adds a .code-highlighter-cache which needs to be added to the .gitignore which Octopress created for me.


Now that I’ve got a working Octopress blog, I can rely on the standard deployment instructions. This is pretty nice now!

Making it all look nice

Now that all the content is imported it’s just a case of editing the config.yml file (very minimal compared to the Octopress 2 default) and tweaking the templates.

It doesn’t look like there’s any obvious way to re-use Octopress 2 themes directly - I suppose it would be possible to copy the styles and templates into the right places, but I fancy a change of look anyway so I’m off to have a look at some Jekyll themes. I hope you’ve found this useful.